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First of all, Very warm welcome...

My Name is Nishant Sharma

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant & belongs to this online/internet world from past 4 years.

But remember before reaching any landmark there is struggle...

so I’d love to share a Journey with you & how I am able to survive above the sea level when I was about to sink.

Before starting my journey, I would like to share one important lesson with you.

Don’t try to copy anyone for success in this Life. Be the creator of your own JOURNEY.

In 2009, When I was pursuing (H) Physics from Hansraj College, Delhi University

I met two Damn Talented persons named Gaurav Madaan & Saurabh Bhatnagar at the very first time

(they were focused & oriented towards their goals).

We started our friendship journey from that place then after we moved ahead to the different paths

& twist starts here…

Some financial circumstances took place in my family & I was not having any choice to go for masters & forced to work (job) to complete the basic necessities of me & my family.

Then I started working as Recruiter for ROSE IT Solutions in Noida, after completing three years with them where I handled good Fortune 500 clients as Talent Acquisition Specialist & that helped a lot to learn.

But there is a nice saying…

“when you move down the line your problems become harder” ​

while working as a Job Professional, there was not enough to learn & implement on a daily basis as my goals & dreams are above that level so I was disappointed & very frustrated.

I used to ask the same question again & again with me that How can I complete my dreams & Goals?

This is the only life I’ve got...

then suddenly my brother decided to get married & guests arrived…

surprisingly I met my both friends again Gaurav & Saurabh (remember from college times) & they told me something that changed my life completely.

& That was…

"We all have learned the entire life to survive & grow OFFLINE not ONLINE…."

And Online World is having a great output & feedback too, almost every one is after that because the revenue anyone can make here is 10X Times better than a new start-up offline company.


So why are you not learning, working & earning Online?

I was having experience as a Recruiter where I got the skills of “Email”, “Client Management” & more, that can be implemented online as well and this world is rapidly accepting Cloud Implementation which is itself a online revolution.

Then they told me about some Digital Marketing Secrets.

I was very impressed with these new life changing skills where all the power is in your hand & you don't need to go anywhere to do this work.

& my life has changed after that...

I got something now to complete my dreams & future Goals.

So I decided to delve into it & start written new success of my life.

Now I know Digital Marketing & I don’t even need to work on a job of 9-10 hours that pays me so low for that much effort.

Now I am able to learn a lot, implement a lot & earn a lot too…

This is my story… what's yours?

Email me so we can work better together

To your success...

Talk Soon,

Nishant Sharma

Facebook Ads Specialist & Email Marketing Specialist

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