We all know, Email Marketing was started in 2002 by the European Union and globally accepted in 2003.


From 2003, Some People have adapted this electronic medium of communication completely, few accepted 50% (more or less) and a lot haven’t even started their Journey with this.


Some tried new ways to implement it, some struggled to understand, some failed but a lot has reached some Landmark.


If you see TODAY, Email Marketing has grown a to broad level and everyone is adopting this mode quickly. You Can See Numbers.


Email Marketing holds 70% of the Revenue earned by Any Source of Organisation.


For $1 spent, it gives you proven ROI of $40, sees below:


People have failed but Email Marketing is one of the greatest sources to earn in Millions OR even Billions only if you know the Right Way.


Don’t believe my Words. See These Billionaires Story yourself.


Michael Cheeney

Frank Kern

Anthony Morrison

Chris Farrell


They are guiding their success stories to a remark. They all are PRO Email Marketers……. & best of all…They achieved everything from ground zero.


You know….. behind every success story, there is struggle, pain & hard work.


So We did that hard work for you & researched after sending millions of emails within 4 Years we found some HIDDEN SECRETS which leads to making you become a PRO Email Marketer.


When you “start learning things” or “doing things” with email marketing you will realize there are 4 categories if you master them by knowing the secrets

Then you will understand that there is no need to focus on other things.


These Categories are:  
List Building
High Open Rate
How to decrease your Unsubscribes

List Building

As an Internet marketer, you may have heard that Money is in the list—and this is the truth.

As Per Campaign Monitor, one email subscriber averages a Revenue of $40 spread over a year. So every NEW subscriber you get is $40 extra in your Business.

In order for any Internet marketer to be truly successful in running his or her online business, they first need to build a list of Prospects. These

contacts may not always be buyers in First Time Communication, but building relationships with them are critical.

Building a responsive list gives you the ability to sell to the same people repeatedly.

*As a new Internet Marketer, the most important thing you need to learn is that YOU MUST BUILD A LIST. While there are several parts to building a successful online business, your list is one of the most important aspects, as it is one of the major drivers of Revenue and it will make money for you even while you Sleep.

The idea is that once you have your list built, you can send out an email the list promoting a new product or service, and see sales shortly after.

You can literally make money in your sleep by adding the promotional emails into an autoresponder series. An autoresponder automatically sends out emails to subscribers at predetermined intervals based on their initial sign-up date.

As a marketer, you have the option to:

  1. Create and Sell your own products
  2. To work as an affiliate for other products.

There are pros and cons to both approaches.

Pros and Cons of Creating your Own Products:

As someone who creates their own products, you have the option to really search the market and the competition and offer something you know will be valuable. However, this means you will have to invest time, effort, and possibly money into the product creation.

Pros and Cons of Being an Affiliate:

As someone who is an affiliate for other products, you will be competing with other affiliates, and you will only get a portion of the sales price. No matter which path you choose,

The list is still an integral part of your success.

Setting up your autoresponders will take a bit of time and effort in the beginning, but once they’re finished, you can leave them on autopilot.

As long as you check from time to time to make sure your links are still working, you’re good to go.

Now that you understand the importance of building an email list, let’s get on to the practical action steps you need to take to get it running for your Business.

We’ll start by creating the Opt-in offers bait also known as Lead Magnets in Online World.

(* – If you are not a newbie you can skip this one)

Subscriber Opt-In Offers

It is important to understand that you should have something of value to offer to your target audience for free, in exchange for their email.

Otherwise, they won’t have an incentive to do so in the first place, and you will have a hard time building your list.

The Bribe can be as simple as a short e-book, or a recording, or a video that relates to your product or service, and helps the user to solve a problem.


In this section, we will cover the proven secret for Higher Open Rate.


YOUR OPEN RATE PROBLEM IS SOLVED & the Secret is in the Subject Line:

so make them so enticing that the Receiver is forced to Open our Emails.


Let me give you my Strategy behind Higher Open Rates, the subject mix!


There are 4 Different ways in which you can make your Emails speak



[Type Of Subject Lines – 4]


  1. Blind: Few examples of Blind Subject Lines:

E.g. 1 – “The most important website in the world”

E.g. 2 – “Shocking (Details…)”


Doesn’t tell the person an inch about the actual email. Earn

their attention while inducing curiosity and forcing them to

open the email to know more.


  1. Clear Benefits: People love it when they read the benefits in their Subjects.

E.g.1: “Build Your Email List 3X Faster ”

E.g.2: “Step in front of massive Traffic!”


This trick attracts them so they choose to OPEN the email!


  1. Urgency (Scarcity): Use where to make sense! especially for closing a

campaign. These types of email give us MAXIMUM RESULTS.


But we cannot use them all the time, only at the end of a Campaign.

e.g. “WARNING: Final Email”



For any Product Launch or a Campaign, Bring out those last 24 hours


Don’t Overuse it.


  1. Proof & Credibility: Facts, Trust, Proof OR Case Study that enhances

the credibility and Customers will be forced to open our best-written emails.


e.g. “He was just on CNN”

e.g. “500 Leads in 24 hours”


Remember! If you use numbers they perform even better.


I am sure you have understood the importance of Subject Lines,

and the science Behind it. Mix and Match them in your Email

Campaigns, and I am sure your results are going to be



See OUR results.


Always try to send Personalised Email with Great Subject Lines & amazing Second Subject Line

How to Decrease Unsubscribes

This is a very critical pain point for an Email Marketer.

Obviously, no one would want unsubscribes for whatever be the reason as it affects our Deliveries.

Every time someone unsubscribes, it hurts our Reputation resulting in Lesser Inboxing.

So we have to make a strategy in which even if the Person Unsubscribes, it is considered good by the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers)

So I researched deeply to decrease the unsubscribers and found a great way to minimize this factor by putting up your own unsubscribe links in the email.

I will show you How?

Put 3 unsubscribe links in your marketing email.

Out of these 3 links, Top 2 are your own unsubscribe links so place them in a way that 1st one will be at the top of your email & 2nd will be at the bottom but above default unsubscribe link.


So when customers want to unsubscribe, they will click on one of your links. (High Chances, as they are positioned above the default unsubscribe link!)

By clicking this link I can redirect the customer to your own designed page where you can put an Optin, asking him to give his email id so that we can unsubscribe him.

Now we will manually unsubscribe the person within 24 hours.


Understand here, what really happened.

Someone clicked on your Unsubscribe Link, but for ISP’s it’s a CLICK and not unsubscribe.

So your Reputation went up with ISP’s instead of Going down. And your Deliveries increased.

Did you feel the Magic :)\


Now you know the secrets & are capable enough to jump start and let’s DO start completing our dreams TOGETHER!

By filling your bank accounts with the HUGE CASH!


Apart from these secrets, There are two other secrets exists.


The secret of Best Personalised Email Writing & the Secret of Proper Use of Call to Action


Which is broadly explained in the eBook – HIDDEN EMAIL SECRETS, written by me with proven results.


If you think these strategies bring value & will work out for you, then there is more value available in this eBook.

I appreciate you for giving time & focus.




Nishant Sharma

Email Marketing Specialist

Founder of workwithnishant.com


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